Choose and Clues

The Basics

In this app for Android you are immersed in a mystery, and your job is to solve it. By matching characteristics learned in the story to clues provided, you eliminate suspects, methods, and motives. On the journey to a solution you control which way the story flows by choosing whether to jump to other characters as opportunities arise.

Jump or stay? Either path may lead to information needed to solve the mystery. Cold, hard logic may dictate these decisions, or it may be simple curiosity about a character you have not yet spent much time with.

This choice offers a new perspective, but there is a catch.

The Catch

You are not quite human.

You are a Miniature Intelligent Bot, invisible to those around you, and small enough to ride on their shoulders and acquire information. As opportunities arise you can jump to other characters, giving you a new perspective in your quest for a solution to the mystery.

The first story provided is a murder mystery. Walter Smethers has been found dead in his office, and you are sent in to discover who did it, how, and why. You must report your findings by the end of the work day, or else...

Bill Vitanyi

From the Owner

My name is Bill Vitanyi, owner of Bayla Publishing, and designer of Choose and Clues.

Thank you for considering Choose and Clues. I hope the stories keep you entertained, or puzzled, or smiling. The following screens give you a sense of how the app works. Enjoy!

Choose and Clues

First Step

First you must install the app, which at this time is available for Android only, version 4 and higher.

From your mobile device go to the Google Play store, and under Apps search for Choose and Clues, or use this link to go directly there: Play Store

Install, and enjoy!



When you first load the app you will see the intro screen for the default story. You will also see this screen after you load a story, and whenever you restart or retry a story.

Swipe vertically to read the entire screen, and horizontally from right to left to continue.

The app will then move on to character selection.



Choose a character to begin the story with. There are seven, and throughout the story you will have the opportunity to jump to all of them, thus altering the path of your experience within the story. Press Begin.


The Story

You are now into the story. Swipe vertically to read the rest of the page, and horizontally from right to left to move forward. As in life, you can only move forward. Once you turn the page, you cannot go back.



Occasionally you will encounter another character within jump range. When this happens, you must choose - Jump, or Stay.

Either way the story continues. The only thing that changes is your perspective, and what you may learn to help solve the mystery.



To solve the mystery you must eliminate suspects, methods, and motives from consideration. As you learn about these in the story, match them to known clues and check them off the list.

The list is found in the Notebook, accessible from the main menu. Simply uncheck candidates as you eliminate them as suspects. When only one remains in each category, you have the complete solution to Who, How, and Why.



Speaking of clues - these are provided at the beginning of the story, and are always available from either the main menu, or from the Notebook screen.

The solution to the mystery changes each time you restart the story, so be sure to carefully check the clues. You can check them whenever you want, to compare to things you learn within the story, and thereby eliminate suspects.

Comm Portal

Comm Portal

When you think you know the solution, access the Communications Portal via the main menu. From here you can enter and submit your solution, which ends the story and validates your submission.

You can also show the solution, which is helpful when learning the app. If the solution matches what you have tracked so far in the Notebook, then you are on the right track. If not, keep practicing.